Diego arrived at Real Madrid just over a year ago and won his first derby. It was on 27th April in a clash that, given each team's situation in the league, was of little importance. Real won 1-2. Diego's nightmare began less than a month later in the Cup final. After 15 invincible years, Real lost to Atlético in the only game it couldn't afford to lose. With Iker benched, Diego sadly looked on as Diego Costa and Miranda took the Copa del Rey out of the Bernabéu stadium and off to the Neptuno fountain.

Now, having seen how Iker has maintained his unbeaten derby record, Diego López must this weekend vindicate himself as a top-drawer keeper, and continue his triumphant march through 2014. He has only let in three goals out of the eight games that he has played in, and has come away with a clean sheet from six of them.